Suppliers of Aids for Communication & Speech Impairment

Inclusive Technology Ltd    Email :

Inclusive Technology provides the very best special educational needs software, switches and computer access devices, simple communication aids, eye gaze and assistive technology for learners with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty. We also offer the very best from QED (Quality Enabling Devices) which we acquired in 2010. As well as our own resources we have the best….. Read More

Ai-Media    Email :

Live Captioning: Live captioning is the conversion of speech to text in real-time. At Ai, we deliver thousands of hours of live captioning each month for television, schools, universities, phone conferences and events. We use two methods to create live captions – stenocaptioning and respeaking. Stenocaptioners are skilled operators who use a specialist keyboard to create captions by typing chords….. Read More

ASD Visual Aids    Email :

ASD Visual Aids aim is to support communication for children, young people and adults with social communication difficulties such as autism. ASD Visual Aids specialises in educational resources to support teachers, SENCOS, TA’s and parents with children aged 3-16 who have special educational needs. We have resources which cover many areas such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Autism, ADHD, Asperger’s and….. Read More

Liberator    Email :

Liberator provides AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) products, training and support for communication, inclusion and independence. From no-tech to high-tech communication aids (VOCA) we have products to suit all budgets and all needs. Liberator Ltd is a supplier of products, training and support for communication, inclusion and independence. Their mission is to help people with disabilities achieve their potential in….. Read More

PocketComms Ltd (Universal Language System)    Email :

PocketComms is a pocket-sized global communicator with over 1,000 pictures. It can be used by travellers and people with autism or hearing impairments to facilitate communication. PocketComms is plastic, flexible and can be fanned out to reveal colour coded pages with brightly coloured hand drawn pictures. About Us Jim Wyatt Director and creator/illustrator of the PocketComms concept, served in the….. Read More

SEMERC    Email :

Since the early 1980s, SEMERC has been a leading UK provider of solutions for inclusion in education. We offer SENCOs, Teachers and Parents support and specialized resources & services for learners of all ages with special educational needs. These include a comprehensive range of award-winning SEN and general curriculum software and specialist hardware and consultancy services. SEMERC products and resources….. Read More

Smartbox    Email :

We create assistive technology solutions that help people with disabilities do things that everyone else takes for granted. We have been designing and manufacturing assistive technology solutions for over 15 years. Our latest generation of software, Grid 3, has been designed to improve the lives of the thousands of people with disabilities. Working so closely with the people who use our technology….. Read More

Speaks4me®    Email :

Speaks4me® uses the latest graphic images from Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc with supported speech audio to allow the user to effectively “speak through pictures”. Speaks4me® is an electronic communications and voice output application device that was initially created for the founder’s young son Callum who suffers from severe autism and learning difficulties and cannot speak. Speaks4me® is easy to learn….. Read More

Special Direct    Email :

Special Direct is full of exciting and inspiring resources to help children with special needs. If you are working with children who have Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Speech and Language difficulties we have lots of resources that you will love.  We work hard with Subject Specialists, Advisors, Therapists, Teachers, SENCO’s and parents to design and develop lots of useful resources….. Read More

Talking Mats    Email :

Talking Mats is an established communication tool, which uses a mat with symbols attached as the basis for communication. Talking Mats now has a digital version that can be used on a range of  mobile devices. It is designed to help people with communication difficulties to think about issues discussed with them, and provide them with a way to effectively….. Read More

TalkingTablet Communications Aids    Email :

Talking Tablets help people with speech or learning difficulties to communicate. There are different Talking Tablets to meet different user needs offering text, symbols or photos as well as a choice of voices. For children and adults alike, Talking Tablets support people with a range of disabilities such as autism, aphasia, dysarthria, dyspraxia, cerebral palsy, and those recovering from a stroke…… Read More

Techcess    Email :

Techcess supplies a range of products that provide access to technology and communication aids for people with special needs and communication difficulties. Techcess is dedicated to helping people with little or no clear speech communicate more effectively.  We recognise that effective communication improves the quality of life for every one of us. Driven by the satisfaction of our users, we….. Read More

Toby Churchill Ltd    Email :

Toby Churchill Ltd is a leading, global provider of assistive technology. Our range of products give independence and support to people of all ages and abilities, with a wide range of communication, cognition and daily living needs. Our flagship product is the Lightwriter® – a communication device designed by Toby Churchill himself over 40 years ago, to address his own….. Read More

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