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Care & Support Alliance    Email :

We represent over 80 of Great Britain’s leading charities campaigning alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care. We believe there is a strong case for change and are working with our members towards reform. CSA Case for Change 1. The social care system is broken and seriously underfunded. It cannot cope with….. Read More

Time To Change    Email :

Become a champion: Time to Change champions get amazing opportunities every day to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Join today. Get involved at work: Join hundreds of other organisations and bring Time to Change to your workplace. Take the mental health quiz: How much do you know about mental health and stigma? Take the quiz. Latest personal stories Mental….. Read More

Disability Rights UK    Email :

A charity that promotes disabled people’s values and rights. Our Mission: We are disabled people leading change: In 3 years we will enable at least 50,000 diverse disabled people to have voice and influence, connecting with each other and with us. We support change agents and enable disabled people to exert power and influence. We will work in partnership with….. Read More

Mind – Campaigns    Email :

We’ll fight your corner. We believe everyone with a mental health problem should be able to access excellent care and services. We also believe you should be treated fairly, positively and with respect. Life Support Our new campaign is all about the support people with mental health problems need in their homes and communities to stay well and live a….. Read More

Ariadne UK    Email :

Ariadne is a European peer-to-peer network of more than 500 funders and philanthropists who support social change and human rights. Ariadne helps those using private resources for public good achieve more together than they can alone by linking them to other funders and providing practical tools of support. Ariadne UK currently has more than 150 members, these come from a diverse….. Read More

United Kingdom Disabled People’s Council (UKDPC)    Email :

Welcome to UKDPC. We are the national umbrella organisation of disabled people, run and controlled by, and representing the voices of disabled people in the UK. Along with our members, we believe in, and strive for, the full inclusion of disabled people in society and the workplace. For us, inclusion is a human rights and civil liberties issue that must….. Read More

United Response    Email :

United Response is a national charity that supports people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities to take control of their lives. Person centred support The support we provide depends on what you need and want. We can provide 24-hour care and support, seven days a week, for people with complex needs. We can provide support to help….. Read More

Change – Start a Petition

The world’s platform for change: On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilising supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions. The world’s platform for change: 157,503,971 people taking action. Victories every day. Start a petition Victories every day Millions of people are working with decision makers to create change at the local, national, and global level. Business model We are….. Read More

Disability News Service (DNS)    Email :

Managed by John Pring, the news service focuses on issues such as discrimination, equality, independent living, disability benefits, poverty and human rights.  He launched DNS in April 2009 to address the absence of in-depth reporting in both the specialist and mainstream media on issues that affect the lives of disabled people. John Pring is the editor of  Disability News Service….. Read More

Disability Politics UK    Email :

There are over 10 million disabled people in the UK.  Yet there are only a handful of MPs who have declared that they are disabled. Disabled people are far less likely to be in employment.  In March 2013, the UK employment rate among working age disabled people was 49%, compared to 81.8% for non disabled people. The poverty rate for disabled….. Read More

Leonard Cheshire Disability    Email :

Leonard Cheshire Disability Charity offers a wide rage of services, including providing accommodation services, personalised care and support services and social, education and leisure services. What we do: We support disabled people to have the freedom to live their lives the way they choose. What we do goes far beyond providing social care. We help disabled people find and remain in….. Read More

Netzkraft Movement – International Networking

International network of persons and groups who commit themselves – socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually. Is based on the willingness to meet other net participants and to support them if possible: principle of solidarity. Basic consensus of three common objectives: International body for peace, human rights and environment within the United Nations. Sustainable ecological-social economic development. Decentralization of political power….. Read More

People First    Email :

People First is an organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties. The organisation aims to speak up and campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties. We also aim to support self-advocacy groups across the country in their work. People First (Self Advocacy) is a national self-advocacy organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties. Our….. Read More

The National Care Forum (NCF)    Email :

“NCF has a mission to support our members to improve social care provision and enhance the quality of life, choice, control and wellbeing of people who use care services” The National Care Forum supports organisations providing care and support services throughout the UK.NCF promotes the benefits of the not-for-profit model of care services provision. NCF members are not-for-profit organisations, providing quality….. Read More

AboutEqualOpportunities    Email :

AboutEqualOpportunities was formed to offer a unique reference point on understanding equal rights and discrimination policy. In an ideal world, everybody would be offered equal opportunities without having to ask and nobody would be discriminated against for any reason. Unfortunately, it’s not an ideal world so we have set up EqualOpportunites to offer information and advice about this important subject…… Read More

AllTrials    Email :

It’s time all clinical trial results are reported. Patients, researchers, pharmacists, doctors and regulators everywhere will benefit from publication of clinical trial results. Wherever you are in the world please sign the petition: Thousands of clinical trials have not reported their results; some have not even been registered. Information on what was done and what was found in these trials….. Read More

Autistic UK    Email :

Autistic UK is an Autistic People’s Organisation. The first national campaigning organisation in the UK run by autistic people. It aims to advance the interests of all autistic people and those with “related conditions”. It aims to promote and protect the civil and human rights of the autistic population and to campaign for the enforcement of the legislation which guarantees our….. Read More

British Council Of Disabled People (BCODP)

If you want to know about UKdpp you are in the right place, although DPP can mean a lot of different things to different people. For example it could perhaps mean disability protection policy or some would take it to mean perhaps the Director of Public Prosecutions, or some kind of other law related issue perhaps. It could even have….. Read More

British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)    Email :

At BIHR we believe that human rights are the cornerstone of a modern democratic society, providing the rule book for governments on how they should treat us. In this way human rights provide a vital safety-net for us all, setting out the basic minimums that everyone should have simply because we are human. Here at home our Human Rights Act….. Read More


A registered charity; CAE has been the leading authority and resource in the UK, for over 40 years, on inclusive design and access to the built environment for disabled and older people.

Campaign for Better Transport    Email :

Our approach & strategy: Transport affects everyone, so we never work alone: we support hundreds of local groups and individuals around the country, and bring together dozens of national organisations. Together, we campaign in a number of different ways for sustainable transport. Achieving our vision requires substantial changes to transport policy in England and Wales. We aim to achieve this by….. Read More


The Campaign to End Loneliness aims to create connections in older age

Carer Watch

A campaign group for carers across the UK run by independent, unpaid carers.

Cedar Foundation

Cedar support and empower children and adults with disabilities throughout Northern Ireland. Core purpose is to provide exceptional services that meet the current and changing needs of people with disabilities.

Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE)    Email :

Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) is a European wide charity established to achieve equal access to football – Total Football Total Access. CAFE is working with key stakeholders towards one clear aim; a more accessible and inclusive matchday experience for disabled supporters across Europe. CAFE has been funded by UEFA since its inception in 2009 when it….. Read More

Citizenship Foundation

The Citizenship Foundation inspires young people to take part in society as equal members.

Council for Disabled Children (CDC)

The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) is the umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector in England, with links to other UK nations.

Deaf Umbrella    Email :

Our mission is: to empower people who are Deaf by supporting their communication and promoting their opportunities for education and employment to help those working with people who are Deaf by providing high-quality support and professional development to enlighten and educate the wider community to the needs of Deaf people to support and secure employment for Deaf job seekers of….. Read More

Disabilities Forum

Gives advice, assistance and representation in matters concerning Housing, Benefits, Employment, Education, Training, Equipment Grants, Travel and Leisure.

Disability Awareness in Action

Disability Awareness in Action website.

Disability United

Disability United was set up with one simple dream in mind. We dream of a day when everyone with a disability is able to live their life the way they want; to go where they want to go, to do what they want to do. Despite improvements in legislation over the past 2 decades, we are still a long way….. Read More


Disability Wales/Anabledd Cymru – Works to promote the rights, recognition and support of all disabled people in Wales.

Disabled Motoring UK    Email :

Disabled Motoring UK provides a mobility information service to the general public where Disabled Motoring UK can give basic information and signpost to relevant organisations. A campaigning charity for disabled drivers, passengers, and blue badge holders in the United Kingdom. Disabled Motoring UK lobbies the government and businesses to improve parking, access, and refuelling services for disabled people. Disabled Motoring UK does not just….. Read More

Disabled Peoples’ International

Disabled Peoples International (DPI) is a Human rights organization committed to the protection of the rights of people with disabilities and the promotion of their full and equal participation in society.  Established in 1981, DPI is represented through active membership of national organizations of disabled people. Includes online newsletter.

Disabled Ramblers

The Disabled Ramblers exists to help mobility-challenged people get back out into the countryside.  Able-bodied helpers are welcome to support members and to help with loading scooters and other jobs. We ramble in all weathers and over a variety of terrain. Our rambles are graded according to difficulty. Some are suitable for shopping buggies and power chairs whilst others need….. Read More

Equal Lives    Email :

Equal Lives is led by people who face disabling barriers and is dedicated to making your voice heard. We support people to empower themselves to live independent lives. Our aim is to give you the support you need to live your own life and to remove disabling barriers. We are very involved in campaigning on issues that affect you to try and….. Read More

Equality Advisory & Support Service (EASS)

The Helpline advises and assists individuals on issues relating to equality and human rights, across England, Scotland and Wales. Also accept referrals from organisations which, due to capacity or funding issues, are unable to provide face to face advice to local users of their services.

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Equality and Human Rights Commission’s goal is “a society where all disabled people can participate fully as equal citizens”.

Every disabled child matters

Campaign for rights and justice for all disabled children.


…any product or service designed to enable independence for disabled.

HM Government Equalities Office

Home Office unit responsible for equality strategy and legislation.

Inclusion London    Email :

Inclusion London supports 90 Deaf and Disabled Organisations working across every London borough. Through these organisations, our reach extends to over 70,000 Disabled Londoners and campaign for equality for Deaf and Disabled people.  

Level Playing Field – dedicated to disabled sports fans    Email :

LPF is a registered charity in England and Wales, and acts as a campaigning and advisory organisation to its membership and other parties across all sports. You will find information on disabled fans facilities at clubs and stadia, along with useful disability and access reports, guides, good practice documents and general disabled supporter information. You’ll also find the latest news….. Read More


Liberty campaigns for civil liberties and human rights in the UK. Our members have been holding the powerful to account, changing the law and making the news for over eighty years. Who we are Liberty is also known as the National Council for Civil Liberties. Founded in 1934, we are a cross party, non-party membership organisation at the heart of….. Read More

Mental Health Resistance Network

The Mental Health Resistance Network was set up by people who live with mental distress.


National Development Team for inclusion – For people with learning disabilities.


Netmums is a family of local sites that cover the UK, each site offering information to mothers on everything from where to find playgroups and how to eat healthily to where to meet other mothers.The local sites are backed by a wealth of parenting…

NIACE – The National Institute of Adult Continuing Learning

NIACE is the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education, the national voice for lifelong learning.

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA)    Email :

Reclaiming Our Futures is an alliance of grass roots groups and disabled peoples’ organisations (DPOs) across the UK who have come together to defend disabled people’s rights and fight for an inclusive society. ROFA fights for a equality for Deaf and disabled people in the UK in the tradition of the international disability movement. We base our work on the….. Read More

Reduced Mobility Rights

Advocating access to aviation since 2011. Assisting passengers with special needs with their travel preparations, listening to their concerns, supporting their complaints is a crucial part of their research. They work together with airports and airlines to anticipate trends and craft innovative solutions before new needs arise to help the air travel industry deliver customer service excellence.

Regard    Email :

Regard  is a national organisation of lesbians, gay men, bisexual, transgender and queer people (LGBTQ) who self-identify as disabled. We follow the Social Model of Disability. This is a way of thinking about disability that says it is society that needs to change by removing the barriers that deny us inclusion and equal rights. As with 90% of LGBTQ voluntary….. Read More

Skill (National Bureau for Students with Disabilities)

Promoting equality in education, training and employment for disabled people.

The Alliance for Inclusive Education (ALLFIE)

We are a national campaigning and information-sharing network led by disabled people. We campaign for all disabled learners to have the right to access and be supported in mainstream education. ALLFIE believes that the whole education experience should be inclusive of disabled learners, both inside and outside the classroom. Disabled and non-disabled learners learning together creates opportunities for the building of….. Read More

The Disabilities Trust

The Disabilities Trust website.

Trust for London    Email :

The Trust was founded in 1891 as a direct result of the City of London Parochial Charities Act 1883. Under the 1883 Act the Trustees of the London Parochial Charities were to adminster the Trust, known as the City Parochial Foundation in the 1891 scheme. Our very first Chair, Sir Joseph Savory (the then Mayor of London, below), chaired the….. Read More

WOW Petition Campaign    Email :

These are some of the activists and supporters of the WOW petition campaign, more are joining all the time, if you want to be involved… be involved! or catch any of us on Twitter!


YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

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